English: Cyber dialogue summary for 5 December 2011, Gender and climate change

Date: December 6, 2011
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Cyber dialogue summary


Date: 5 December 2011

Theme: Caring for your environment

Facilitator: Shuvai Busuman Nyoni (GL Gender Justice and Governance Manager)









“I’ve met a lot of the Tanzanian delegation (at COP 17) and they are very positive about our continent and hopeful about the adaptation fund, we really need that money to solve the climate change problems.” À“ Tanzania

“Im worried about people on the ground, do they understand COP17?”- Swaziland

“Was in a taxi the other day and a guy next to me said he didnt believe in global warming.”- South Africa

” We need people who will teach the community on the ground about climate change”- Namibia


Question1: How are communities adapting to changes in climate where they live? Have there been any examples you can think of that struck you in Durban?

  • Mayors signed the Adaptation Charter on Sunday 4 December – including the Mayor of Joburg À“ it shows that we are really beginning to take action in responding to climate change at the community level; women being at the forefront.
  • We are coping with climate change although we never know when or how changes in climate and weather patterns will affect us.
  • Climate change is being severely felt in Namibia’s nothern regions.
  • People in my community do not know much about climate change.
  • People are doing something like recycling plastic, paper, etc. to make a living which means they are doing something.
  • At the CCR expo I saw an industrial role play that really struck me about women from different African countries who just realised that climate change is hitting them the most and there was a demonstration on the issue of water scarcity in Africa.
  • The Tanzanian delegation at COP 17 are hopeful about accessing the adaptation fund.


Question2: Do you think people realise that there are changes in weather patterns even if they know little about climate change?

  • People need to understand about climate change and they need to be taught about it.
  • Yes they realise there is change but they just cannot make linkages to their day to day lives.
  • Yes people realise it, especially farmers who are dealing with shifting seasons and weather patterns.
  • People should learn from each other and try and tackle the problem as one.

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