SA: Betty Kubu

Date: September 25, 2018
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A push might be hard to get but it can be the best thing that ever happened to you

I remember the first I stories workshop we had, that was the most   important workshop I have attended with Gender Links. It made me to reflect back to my old life and things that I did not want to face as a women. I then realised that whatever has happened to me in the past it was never my fault I should just let go it and move on in my life using all the opportunities in my life.

I joined Gender Links 2012 and I have been attending their workshop since I was introduced to the training and it has been educational and personally I have grown too. I now know how to voice my rights and interact with another people. The most useful Phase for me I think was Phase 1 my interest in business was established, and I am now planning to register my business. They main challenge that I fore see for my business will be getting the money to start the business because I can’t go to the bank to as for a loan as I am unemployed. One of the Phase where I had to write or doing the business plan. 

I was doing odd jobs and spending lots of my time at home but since I joined the training I have gained a lot of confidence. I have been elected in a SGB for one of the schools here in Scelo and I am well known for helping the youth to get scholarships. I have established a relationship with the Motsepe foundation so whenever they want people to be involved in their project I always know and help others.  The Midvaal council has not helped me with the registration of my business. I have been getting the information from the Gender Links training and the information sharing with the ladies from the project. 

I am a survivor of GBV but now things are fine I am not experience any abuse. I have experienced abuse for so long in my life and I don’t let anyone to abuse me or any other person close to me without saying or doing anything. I am a pillar to my family and young girls in my family. Most of the women staying in the relationships because the men are the ones putting the food on the table as they are not working and most of the girls are now only making more babies which I think is the biggest mistake one can make. You don’t have a word in the house as you not working. 

I speak to young women about being independent, to never depend on the man for anything in their lives and they are opportunities for them. I am the SGB member of the school, I teach the young girls of the school between right and wrong and make them more aware of the abuse in the community. It is never too late to change your life for the better. I am planning on registering my company by the end of the year so that in the beginning of the year I could starting tendering and will also register at the database for Midvaal municipality. By the year 2013 I would like to have named a name for myself in the business world and employing young ladies.  

I know it has not been an easy road for me but I know with the encouragement from organisations like Gender Links I will make it and so that I can be a role model to young girls from my community.