Abraham Augustin Randrianaivo – Madagascar

Abraham Augustin Randrianaivo – Madagascar

Date: June 30, 2015
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My name is Abraham Augustin Randrianaivo. Before becoming the General Secretary of the Manjakadriana Council, I was a fiscal agent. Now, I’m in charge of the training other agents, as well as linking with local government services, and researching news partners. I am also responsible for adult literacy in the Manjakadriana Council.

I have worked with Gender Links since the training on the SADC protocol on Gender and Development in 2008 at the Manjakadriana Council. I participated in many events organized by GL such as the cyber-dialogue, the Sixteen Days of Action, and the National Summit in Antananarivo.

After working with Gender Links, my mindset has changed in many ways. Both my point of view and by behavior towards women has changed. It has taken time, but through information I have received in trainings, documentation, and sharing best practices through the Summit, I can see how important gender is, and how my behavior should change to support gender equality.

All the members of Madagascar GL team have helped me in a good way. I must specially mention Ialfine Papisy, who is very convincing; she convinced me about the importance of gender equality. Zoto was also very helpful and taught me many things. For example, he taught me how to open an email account.

To summarize all the things I have learned, I took the ‘Attitudes Quizz,’ and scored an 80%. I now share in the housework, though there are still some things I am not convinced of. Other factors which have contributed to my changing views are my age and my faith. My children also help me to change my mind, and to question myself. At the end of each year, the whole family comes together, and we take stock of our behavior. My children don’t hesitate to tell me if I have done something wrong. I apologise if I have hurt them, and I do the same with my wife.

I think that when change is positive, it necessarily has an impact on the others’ lives. When I’m retired, I will carry on educating others, and making adults aware of the importance of education. I would like to extend my work to places beyond Manjakandriana. I will be so satisfied! To end this exchange experience, I would like to say that I’m enriched through the work of Gender Links. Thank you, Gender Links!


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