Amanda Philips – South Africa

Amanda Philips – South Africa

Date: June 30, 2015
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I was am working in an industry dominated by men. I was initially very frightened by men. I would keep quiet even if I did not agree with what a man was saying. The Gender Links workshops I have been part of have helped me a lot; my self-esteem has improved so much and after every workshop I attend, I can see how my confidence is increasing.

I am now able to deal with the issue of gender based violence in my life. It was not an easy journey, but with the help of Gender Links I have learned to be more courageous. I now communicate very well with my husband, and it has helped me to be a better person, and also improved my situation at home. I am able to negotiate with men in the industry, and talk to them as their equal.

I started my career in the steel industry. It is hard work, and I so it better than many men. I am attending welding classes, and people actually question if I have a husband or if I can cook. They think if I am that good with the steel, I can never be good at what they say is woman’s job. I would have taken it personally and it would have hurt me, but because I have been to Gender Links’ workshops, I am making it my business to change their minds. I know I am making a difference by being there. People still do challenge me, but I know now that it comes with the territory, and it does not make me want to quit.

I used to have a lot of trust issues. I was raised to believe black people are dangerous, and I should be on my guard when I deal with them. Now many of the people I call my friends are black, and I know that I’ve had it easier than most of them, but even then, they are helping me. Gender Links did not only teach me about understanding that men and women are equals, but also that all people are equal.

I hope this work that Gender Links is doing can reach more women in my community. It is so important to reach abused women and convert them into confident and independent women.


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