Amelie Pauline Ralaizazarohavana – Madagascar

Amelie Pauline Ralaizazarohavana – Madagascar

Date: November 23, 2015
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« I found other ways to sort out problems »

Amélie Pauline Ralaizazarohavana is an emerging entrepreneur who lives in the urban council of Morondava. She came to know Gender Links (GL) during the entrepreneurship programme at the council in 2013.

Two years after the project, Pauline has become a new person. She is an active woman and the manager of a prestigious shopping market in the town. In the past, Pauline was not working; she minded her household and spent all her time taking care of her two girls at home. At that time, her husband had the final decision on all household matters. When they had disputes about anything, her husband use to repeat the same words “I am the only one who earns money. It is my money, so I use it in whatever way I want”. She has to obey as she did not have any other choices. After enduring years of violence within her household, Pauline decided to search for advice at the local listening and counselling centre. The paralegals of the counselling centre helped her to set up a reconciliation process with her husband and after discussions, they came to an agreement.

It was at the listening and counselling centre that Pauline was informed about GL. She was encouraged by the paralegal to participate in the entrepreneurship training. Pauline was so happy to have been selected to attend the courses. She says that at the beginning, she was a bit afraid but as the training went on, she felt more comfortable with the other participants. The training on entrepreneurship was a great opportunity for Pauline. For a long time, she dreamed of having her own business and being financially independent. “I had the strong feeling that I could accomplish many things, but I lacked ideas”, she says.

Following the first phase of the training, Pauline planned to set up her own business on reselling re-selling ready-made goods. She identified suppliers and clients and began to draft her business plan. She began by reselling her products from the local market into small villages markets. During the second phase of the training, she had the opportunity to talk with micro finance agencies. Determined to expand her business, she took a loan. To her great surprise, her husband offered to support her loan request. After having been granted a loan, she could develop her business. She buys her products in the capital and resells in her council. In that way, she is able to increase her benefits considerably.

After one year, considerable change was noted in her life, not only at a professional level, but also at personal level. “When I had my own business, my husband supported me and we began to have a better relationship. When we have discussions, he listens to me and together, we find out ways to solve problems, other than violence”.

Pauline has also gained the consideration of those around her. She realised that being more responsible in her life has had a huge impact on the way she is viewed by the society. In fact, women around her want to know her life secret. Pauline is happy to share with them that training is the key to her success. “I am happy to help others when needed”, she says. In her spare time, she organizes informal meetings with women in her village to share experiences. She is also helping women who want to create their own business.

Currently, Pauline plans to develop her business and increase the number of shops she has in the council. She is also working with the local listening and counselling centre to help women survivors of violence.



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