Angèle Liditte – Madagascar

Angèle Liditte – Madagascar

Date: May 29, 2012
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I am the treasurer of the council of Antanamitarana, and also part of an association working for women’s empowerment. I came to know Gender Links through their first workshop in our council, in August 2010. Since then, our council has been chosen as one of Gender Links centers of excellence. Gender Links arrival to our council has brought changes not only in the council’s management, but also in people’s vision of gender. Many members of my association have participated in Gender Links workshops, and their knowledge and know-how have improved considerably.

Our first contact with Gender Links was very beneficial; it allowed us to adopt a gender mainstreamed approach in the management of the council, and at the same time, we opened an internet site that allowed us to exchange ideas with other people in Madagascar and abroad; it also exposed us to international news.

Our mayor was granted a certificate during the first annual gender justice awards in Johannesburg. That was an important turning point for us; she shared the experiences of her trip, and all that she learned. Since then, the work of our council has really evolved. After several workshops, we learned how to find financial and technical partners for the work we want to do. Thanks to that, we were able to finance the implementation of our action plan on gender, and fight against gender based violence. Additionally, we could develop partnerships with other associations that helped us with training and technical support in the course of implementation.

Gender Links has taught us how to take advantage of the internet. Through this training, we opened an e-mail address that lets our council stay in touch with foreign partners, and make our council known around the world.

Slowly, women who have been trained are now daring to speak out, and take responsibilities when there are meetings or activities in the council. Now, as a result of Gender Links training, women are starting to talk during workshops, and participate in debates. The whole council benefits from hearing their points of view. Now, women have the courage to take on responsibilities, and act against injustice.

I personally was the member of my association selected to attend the first national summit of Madagascar. During that event, I was able to express myself, and present what I have done to others. The national summit was a great opportunity for me to exchange experiences with participants from all over the country; it was also the first time I had been to the national capital of Antananarivo. I was so excited and happy to go to the National Conference Center. Fortunately, and to my great surprise, I was also selected as one of the 12 winners to attend the Third regional summit in Johannesburg. It was the first time I would take a plane, and leave Madagascar. It was like a dream for me. This trip to Johannesburg is like a personal turning point. With the people I am connecting to, the things I am learning, and the knowledge and enthusiasm of all the participants I was exposed to made me sure that I will always continue my efforts to be an activist.


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