Anique Darga – Mauritius

Anique Darga – Mauritius

Date: August 12, 2015
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Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama

Anique Darga’s first encounter with Gender Links (GL) was during the entrepreneurship training held in 2014. She participated in the training at Grand Port District Council and completed the three phases. The entrepreneurship training helped Darga to emerge from the difficult situation in which she had been living and boost herself, surrounded by new friends while learning how to be financially independent.

Darga explains that the journey she has been on with GL has brought tremendous positive changes in her life and her way of thinking. She believes that through the entrepreneurship course she has become a more confident young woman, ready to face the challenges of life. She now knows how to act in difficult situations and is fully aware of her rights. She had not realised that setting up a small enterprise for herself would lead to such inner peace. She now spends time on her business instead of taking on unnecessary stress. Her small business helps her in overcoming the hardships of life.

Anique has personally experienced change and the journey that she has been on with GL has given her back the smile she had lost. By attending all the phases of the entrepreneurship training and being in constant contact with GL, she has experienced positive changes within herself. She would never miss the opportunity of attending GL training sessions and is proud of being a participant at the GL Gender Summit 2015 in the emerging entrepreneurs’ category.

Darga explains that lately she has found it difficult to cope with family members who cause her stress and add to her problems. She explains that the bad experiences that she had in the past were directly related to her relatives. Today, she knows how to manage her work and her time. She does not pay attention to petty talk, but reacts accordingly when she knows that her rights are being affected.

Within the family, Darga always tries to establish peace and she takes time to talk to her son. She tries to eliminate the communication gap and support her son, while giving him the space he needs. She adds that she always preaches the lesson of gender equality to her son. By trying to be a role model, she tries to inspire the younger generation in her family to eliminate gender stereotypes. She also talks about this with her sister who lives abroad.

She continuously encourages her friends and neighbours to be positive about life and take up challenges bravely. The GL course that she participated in helped to boost her self-esteem and at the same time she is spreading the message to her community. Anique engages in a lot of social activities and whenever she has a chance to talk to people about gender equality issues and positivity, she does so.

Darga is taking a cloth making course, she attends regular talks and is able to meet people at religious gatherings. She takes every opportunity to share her message and this also acts as a healing therapy for her.

Darga wishes to expand her business in the coming years. She is eager to learn more and apply this knowledge in her business. She also wishes to spread positivity in her surroundings and help victims of gender based violence (GBV) to think in a new way. She always gives support to friends in need and does not intend to stop this noble work.


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