Arnod Waili

Date: June 29, 2015
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The society regard gender violence when a man abuse a woman physically but what about, when a woman is denied access of sexual Reproductive health due to poverty, geography displacement, distance, age ,ethnicity and disability? There is still an un met need of sexual reproductive health information and commodities though at the London Family planning summit the Government of Malawi showed committed to focus on commodity security to increase contraceptive prevalence rate to 60% by 2020. Because of the unmet need a lot of women in the country are losing their dignity or even life due to complications they go through due to maternal problems such as abortions, fistula e.t.c. But to the surprise most women fight the battle of maternal health alone because we men regard it is a women issue as, but its not because somehow it also affect us because we spend a lot of money for their medications and also it retards development. But in everything change will always come, I believe the change will come with me. This prompted me to be a driver of change in my community by ensuring that women are fully excercising their reproductive health rights, people are going for HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) , there is Prevention of mother to child transmission and also communities are making nutritious food in their houses using locally available products. I qualify to be a driver of change in my community because my said duties are empowering the community especially women. In addition my initiatives are also championing the SADC protocol on Gender and Development article 26 and 27 which stipulates the adoption and implementation of policies and programmes that address the physical mental, emotional and social well being of women with specific targets for reducing the maternal mortality ratio and ensuring access to quality and reproductive health services and prevention, treatment care and support in relation to HIV/AIDS respectively

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