Bongani Motsa – Swaziland

Bongani Motsa – Swaziland

Date: July 24, 2012
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Bucopho Bongani Motsa noted that “Some people do not believe that a woman can be a leader. My view is that women must be given opportunities to show their leadership skills. I think it is the mindset and our culture, which says that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Yet some of them can be as good as the men, if not better than men. So we have to change this mindset through civic education”

Buchopho Bongani Motsa is serving his first term in the Ngwempisi Inkundhla, and he told researchers that prior to him joining local government he had a woman Bucopho in his locality who made a great impact. According to him, this hard working councillor was caring and consultative. She focused on orphans and vulnerable children as well as ensuring that her community had access to basic services. She scored highly with the community when she engaged with the government to provide the area with electricity ensuring that all homes received electrification. She was also integral in ensuring that grazing land was fenced off.

Her consultative nature was evident in the community meetings that she called every two months and in which she tried to ensure that all groups and stakeholders were represented. In these meetings she created the space for all community members to speak and engage freely.

Sadly for the community she has not been returned to council as she chose to run as an MP and failed to get enough votes to become MP. This experience, however, changed how he viewed women in leadership positions. Now that he is in the Ngwempisi Inkundhla, he endeavors to support women in their positions of leadership.


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