Botswana: Marjorie Sitali Timm

Date: August 22, 2019
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Name Marjorie sitali
Surname Timm
Country Botswana
Give a short history of the leader The leader is a teacher by profession a mother of 2 children a boy and girl. As I earlier explained i have worked with different organisations .I have taken keen interest in working with faith based organisation in addressing the importance of education for both girls and boys. i started my journey of gender issues when i first had an encounter with gender links in 2012. This had opened my mind especially when i participated in genderlinks summits and won an award on leadership. It motivated me to engange elders in the church as well as civic leaders .This is to advocate on re- entry programms for boys and girls who dropped from school.
Objectives My personal mission is to see that boys and girls should grow up as educated adults.
To help disadvantaged children to get a better future through education in formal schools. To sensitize parents with the importance of education .
Key activities Iam currently working with masasi school for the vunerable and orphaned children. This school is being run by the Lutheran church in Francistown. It has been evident that a lot of towns are experiencing poverty challenges, and more female headed families and households are affected and poorer than men. This had prompted the Lutheran church to come up with an initiative to start up a programm of sponsoring boys and girls in education, I work as a heard in the education part. My nature of work is to teach and do home visits to these children,s families. we are also working with the social workers on our day to day activities
Key challenges Pushing gender equality has been a bit of challenge in our working place in the sense that a lot of women have taken up responsilities of the jobs we are doing at our centre.


Change at the individual level At individual level has changed because most of the boys and girls who have passed through this programm are doing well
Evidence of change at the individual level Mathidiso Joshua is one girl who had dropped from school due to luck of uniforms and shoes , but through our intervation she has continue with her education
Change at the household level Championing gender equality has brought changes in my family because my children area also practicing it
Evidence of change at the household level sepiso Akakandelwa is one who has done a lot at household level
Change at institutional level Bonolo Baiphethi is the programme manager at the centre.She is also in counselling department and she is the one who plans home visitations for the boys and girls
Evidence of change at institutional level Bonolo Baiphethi is the programme manager at the centre.She is also in counselling department and she is the one who plans home visitations for the boys and girls
Change at a policy level Championing gender has brought changes in policy making in our organistion because all our programms are gender balanced. The main focus is on improving on mechanisms of vunerable and orphaned children.
Evidence of change at a policy level Lutheran church in Francistown has been helping the following boys and girls
Capacity building womens lobby capacity buiding workshop, Genderliks trainings Ywca gender equality work shops
Lessons learned and shared In the process i have learnt that gender equality should be applied both in workplaces and at community level. with education both boys and girls should be given equal oppoturnities. work places should be addressing gender issues and act on them
Next Steps To partner with other stakeholders of the government, civil society, fbos, ngos etc in order to have good service delivery. To have a strategic plan in addressing gender even in churc