Botswana – Sylvia G Monthe

Date: September 5, 2018
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I met Gender Links in 2013 when they came to Jwaneng for a training workshop and bought us Nandos. I remember feeling excited thinking that they were there to give us money, only to be told that they did not have the funds to do that. I was very disappointed to hear them say they were just there to educate us on business.  

However, through Gender Links trainings, I learned how a business is operated; how to record money transactions, how to properly use money as well as how to take care of a business and stop it from failing. My life has changed because the little money I make now I use wisely to improve my life. I have also learned the importance of knowing exactly what you need before starting your business as well as having all you need to keep accurate record books.  

The most helpful people towards me have been Gomolemo Rasesigo and Keletso Metsing. They would explain things to me patiently and made sure I understood completely. They taught me to love business and to take care of my workers. There was no other external influence.  

The change in my life has had an impact on those I live with. We no longer have any issues; we live together peacefully and help each other out with whatever the other may need. We treat each other well, with respect. My family knew that I was not living a happy life but now they have noticed the positive change in me and feel encouraged to change their own lives. I help them out where I can by giving advice so that they can also live better lives.  

The main challenge I came across was a shortage of money. To overcome this challenge I decided to boost my business to increase the money coming in. With this I have seen an improvement in my finances as I am currently financially much better off than I was when I last met Gender Links. I own a bead working business in Jwaneng which is improving gradually. I have not experienced any abuse since coming together with Gender Links. 

In the future I would love to see a great improvement in my life with the addition of my own house that is one of a kind. Lastly, I would love to thank Gender Links for giving us light.