Botswana: Tuelo Keikeditse

Date: September 25, 2018
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“I helped them, they helped me. I succeeded because of them”~Tuelo Keikeditse

I met Gender Links in 2014 but it was in 2015 that I had my memorable interaction with them. We were at Oasis motel receiving entrepreneurship training and we were in very good hands. The training was carried out very well and when we asked any questions they were well answered. We were taught on how to grow a business as well as the backstopping workshop.

Of the many things I have learnt, those that stood out were; how to keep business records, how to manage your stock in your business, how to handle your customers, banking, backstopping and entrepreneurship.

My life has changed a lot since I met Gender Links. I previously did not see the point of having a business like mine but now I am financially better off than I was when I last met them and I am personally not experiencing any abuse at all. This is helped by my having a hair salon business which I run in my home village of Goodhope. I am now able to save money at the bank, motivated by the trainings given to me by Gender Links. I use those trainings to help others like myself to grow as I want to be a driver of change.

The most helpful person I came across at Gender Links was Mrs Keabonye Ntsabane who taught me about abuse and the effect it has. Another memorable person from Gender Links is Mrs Gomolemo Rasesigo who taught me about business; business types, backstopping and technology. Keletso Metsing was also very helpful as she taught me about growing my business. Gender Links found us a mentor who is there to help us with any challenges. Through working with Gender Links, I have gained knowledge on ways to save a struggling business along with record keeping.

Other people who were an influence in my life were my family members who supported me and encouraged me to continue with my business. Even now we are able to sit down together and advise one another on various life issues. We try to find a way to live peacefully, having no conflicts and we also help each other out with money.

The people I live with responded positively towards me and the change in my life.  They did so because I helped them and they helped me, I succeeded because of them. Now I am able to help the children at home with their homework when they ask me. My change has affected other people as well because they have been motivated to start their own businesses. They have asked me to help them with the process of starting their own business.

Some of the challenges I came across were the ups and down of my business and workers being unreliable. Currently my business is operational even though it is based at my home in Goodhope. Previously I did not know how to save my business funds but I am now able to do so having received the training from Gender Links.

In future I wish to have a home where my children and I could stay in happiness. I am very grateful to Gender Links and its employees for their encouragement and trainings. I hope that they continue to work this hard and help others as well as they have helped us.