Date: May 28, 2014
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Today as the representative of my Ward in Gweru City Council it gives me delight and exides confidence that the electorate gave me an opportunity to be their leader. I am greatly humbled and honoured because the road was long and had many bumby experiences. When I began campaigning in the community a number of men shunned me. Even the women folk did not want to stand with me. Being a young mother and a â € ˜womanâ € ™, so to say, was not easy. People in our society expect the wise to be old and grey haired but I broke those barriers. The experience I had gained through the party activities, discipline and above all my foundation in God gave me the stability I needed. I knew it was time for female emancipation not only for me and my family but the women folk in my community. It was about time our voices were heard in the political arena. As women we have been quiet for too long and there are issues pertaining to women reproduction that we have left men to make decisions for us too long. Winning the election was icing on the cake. It has allowed me opportunities that are endless to stand for the women in Gweru. As councillor in my Ward, I have managed to sensitise the women folk on gender issues. It has been general misconception that physical labour and more strong and less exerting jobs are for the women. One woman Mrs Frascia Denhere was not working and facing numerous hardships. There had been numerous opportunities to get a job as a general hand or slasher labourer in one organisation but she kept turning them down since she wanted higher jobs normally viewed as womenâ € ™s jobs. After lessons on gender in the community that gender roles are not static and subject to change she decided to take up the job. Today clad in her overalls she can be seen slashing. She is not ashamed at all and even when her in-laws are around she invites them to see her at work. This has brought delight in me as a driver of change, women are not only confined to reproductive roles. The community around has also become very appreciative and most women are interested.


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