Sharon Thelemaque-Ernesta – Seychelles

Sharon Thelemaque-Ernesta – Seychelles

Date: July 5, 2015
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Sharon Thelemaque-Ernesta is a trained journalist who has worked for the Red Cross, Disaster Management Education and Awareness. Currently she is a Press attaché in the Ministry of Environment and Energy led by Minister Rolph Payet.

Thelemaque is a volunteer at GEMPLUS doing advocacy, lobbying training. She notes that Payet is interested in gender issues. He is trying to get gender and climate change on his ministry’s agenda.

Thelemaque – Ernesta notes that her first encounter with gender Links goes far back as 2003, when Colleen Lowe Morna, Gender Links (GL) Chief Executive Officer came to train journalists on how to report on Gender Based Violence: “She also came back to Seychelles when we created the network GEM-Plus.À

According to Thelemaque all the Gender Links meetings she has attended were intense, long and very informative: “They leave you rejuvenated and motivated.

“Over the years I have learnt that GL is too strict on deadlines we work in different countries and thus different contexts. GL should start to consider other people’s environments in which they are working in. Sometimes what is feasible in South Africa is not exactly feasible in Seychelles.À

She notes, however, that adhering to tight deadlines has – inculcated a sense of time management in her life and work. “I have become strict with time and how to organise my things around the time I have.À

She added: “Over the years Gender Links has made me their contact person and it really makes me feel proud. It shows that I have grown and I am doing the right talking about gender and media issues. Gender Links values our partnerships in that whatever they do in Seychelles they contact me. They have even referred other people to me.

“With Gender Links there is no half baked work. This has pushed me to do my work thoroughly. I have also acquired a lot of experience and knowledge from the workshops, discussions and trainings that we have received. I can also facilitate and training in workshops. I organise and even facilitate discussions and workshops with so much energy.À Thelemaque – Ernesta acknowledged the vast networking opportunities Gender Links provides bringing together various people from different countries to interact and share experiences in workshops, summits and cyber dialogues.

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