Dineo Segobai – Botswana

Dineo Segobai – Botswana

Date: June 25, 2012
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My first encounter with Gender Links was in 2010 when we were handling a passion killing case that occurred at my district. It’s this first encounter that shed light for me on gender issues, and how they need to be incorporated into our everyday work. They showed me just how negligent we had been. After this encounter, my council went back to its policies and plans and made sure that we included gender aspects in everything we do.

As a social welfare officer at the Kgatleng district Council, my job is to deal with the social challenges that affect the community, and find the best way to assist with the available resources. Gender Links taught me how to link gender with education, health and all the programmes we offer at my council. GL has enhanced my presentation skills and gave me the confidence that I have today; I am now a more informed person thanks to GL.

After having been part of the summit in Johannesburg and seeing all the presentations that were made, I now realise the value of talking about gender, the fact that gender is an element of equality and accepting people for who and what they are. Gender Links showed us that gender cannot be separated from life, and it showed us that people are very biased when it comes to gender. All I want to do is try and come up with tools that can help close the gaps that are left behind when programmes have been facilitated.

Every time I close my eyes I picture myself at the first regional summit with Gender Links; I remember the excitement I had, and I will always be grateful to GL for all the people I met there. It’s one of those experiences I want to relive again. A key light bulb moment for me was the 2011 award winning ceremony, when I walked away with the first prize from my category. It was our first time to compete, and still we brought the prize back home.

The appreciation and respect I get from my council and family encourages me to work harder; they are seeing the ways I am changing, and want to be a part of it. The Molokomme women are also my driving force, their passion and commitment to making change is one the things that drives me.

All my positive experiences with GL are influencing my colleagues; they also want to be part of what I am doing. Now all departments in the council come to me to see if they have been able to assimilate gender in their work, because they also want to connect with Gender Links. In the future, I want to connect more strongly with Gender Links, as a volunteer, to help mainstream the issue of gender in the council, and to make sure we adopt gender issues fully in our policy making. I would like to empower others, and help them identify their best practices. I urge all the councils to participate in the summit, because I can assure them it will be worthwhile.


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