Drivers of Change : Nathalie Gopee : Curepipe COE

Drivers of Change : Nathalie Gopee : Curepipe COE

Date: February 10, 2020
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“Derrière chaque femme ronde, ena en complexe.”

During the last workshop of GL held at Gold Crest Hotel, I got to know who I really was. I always thought I know myself. I always thought that I am ought to be the person I was at that time until I meet Anushka who made me look at the mirror twice. That moment was heartfelt and it marked my “reincarnation”.

Since my meeting with Gender Links, I see myself as a changed person. I have new beliefs, new attitudes and a new outlook on life. Ever since GL gave me the opportunity to be a new me, I decided that from then I will try to impact every single person I meet who maybe facing any self-esteem issues. 

I am counsellor at the Municipality of Curepipe as well as entrepreneuse. I have my own shop called “Zero Complex” I deal in Plus Sizes clothes and help corpulent people to dress. My shop is the first of this kind in Mauritius. I have had many collections and catwalks till date.  The first time I came across GL was through a workshop organised by the Municipality in collaboration with GL. To be honest, I would say I come from a background where the wife is dependent on the husband, all the time. In this regard, I would say that I used to think that such life is the normal life. I did not know I could think beyond. What and how many things women alone can do amazed me. Through an exchange program, GL sent me to South Africa. That was the journey of my dream. I got to meet so many people, made so many contacts and I met with people who believe in my vision, my struggle. I felt I was not alone.

At the time when I met Anushka, I was discouraged with life. I did not know myself. I did not know the aims and objectives of my life. I was just living for the sake of living. I met with many other women who were Plus Sizes. And I felt how suffocated they were in their lives. But still they were like me, just living life: accepting “what destiny provided them”. That day when I went home, I cried my heart out and that helped a lot. 

I have changed, my life has changed, and my mind-set has changed. Everything about me has changed. I live not for the happiness of others but for my happiness only. I have come to term to being selfish. I have realised that a little selfishness does no harm to anyone. In fact, thinking for myself has made me set priorities and taught me to better manage my time and be proactive. 

I have learned the ability to spend more time with my family. I have learned how to think, think well and then react. My today life is a living evidence of all these skills and values. GL has taught me the importance of standing on my own feet. Also, I have learned the word “important” and what is and what is not.  

My family has not resisted to the change. They accepted it whole-heartedly. Well, I did not change for the worse. This change in me, it is not a revolution or anything. I just saw a spark and it lit my life and the life of my family for the better.