Lucina Lazaro Comino

Date: September 28, 2015
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Being a leader is a very challenging situation, is a situation which a person need to be patient when dealing with people. At this moment the post I held is loan officer at Ubhumwe saccos which is in Temeke district. My routine work is to deal with loan application forms by verifying applicants serving accounts, to set rates of returns each month according to the loan taken and time period the loan will last without violating rules and regulations of the SACCOS. It is strictly prohibited for a member to ignore time frame allocated for a certain loan to expire; all loans should be recovered within time earmarked. As a loan officer it is my duty to request monthly bank statement report from SACCOS accountant so as to check individual returns to compare with his /her instalment rates sated monthly. If it happens that there is no return of anybody, I have a mandate to remind all debtors to adhere to the laid down rules and regulations of the organisation. Experience shows that most of the time these debtors fail to understand that, it is their obligation to fulfil the rules and regulations, as per their signed contracts. This is a big challenge to me, as it hinders my capability in fulfilling my duties accordingly. Despite of the challenges I am facing, I am not losing hope. This is because Ubhumwe consists of women and men members. Being a woman leader to such a challenging organisation I have to prove that I can. To me this is a qualification of a DRIVER OF CHANGE. One day when we were in a general meeting we decided to reduce (riba) of loans to people who deposit their returns early before their to be given bonus, by giving them long period for them to return so as to motivate them to take loans. By doing that we had motivate them to take loans and they are willing to deposit their returns without any force from loan officer. As a leader I became a driver of change by became a champion person in took loans and deposit returns on time. Also I spent the money in renovating my house and paying school fees for my children. The loan I took last year was for building car park and fence ,this – I have made other people to learn from me and how to spend money they got .I told them life is how you make up so you have to set priorities whenever you are in order to get development .So now as leader I leave in a good house ,my children are in good schools, I take care of my mom and I bought a car. All this made some of my colleges admire my life style and development.

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