Education and Training

Education and Training

Date: April 29, 2015
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From SGP project we have learnt many new techniques to fight against mosquitoes, worms and bio products in the fields and inviting Women Associations in the region of Grand Port and Savanne districts to visit and learn from our techniques to go for organic farming and using compost in their fields. Using kitchen waste, waste from gardens to compost as well as protecting the environment.

Creation of Job Opportunities for unemployed Women of Union Park and the region through Mushroom Production.

Mauritius imports canned mushroom in large quantity from foreign countries and is consumed by our local inhabitants. This means that a potential market for the production of mushroom exist in our country. With increasing the concern for fresh and good quality of food among consumers and also with the growing number of tourist visiting Mauritius every year, the production of fresh mushroom can be envisaged by unemployed women as an agribusiness opportunity.
The setting up of the production unit will be influenced by the agroclimatic conditions of the village. The type and the orientation of the production unit will affect production significantly. One of the preconditions for the selection of the beneficiary is the suitability of the space that will be earmarked by the beneficiary for the production unit.

The members of the Association are mostly unemployed women household. The project consists mainly at alleviating poverty and raising household income through the production of mushroom. Beneficiaries to be engaged in the project have been identified by the AREU (Agricultural Research Extension Unit). Training on all the aspects of mushroom production will be organised for the beneficiaries involved in the project to empower them.
Mobilisation and identification of households through sensitisation meetings is conducted by the Union Park Women Association, Fairy Women Entrepreneurs Cooperative Society Limited and AREU and will involve those who are interested and who satisfy the requirements for mushroom production.
Group meetings are organised by the extension officers of the zone to elaborate on the aims, objectives and benefits of the project. Conducted tours will be undertaken at la Brasserie Mushroom Unit to familiarise the beneficiaries of other Women Associations to all the aspects of mushroom production.
It is assumed that the Association will plan their production so as to ensure a constant supply of their produce to the consumers and there will be proper coordination and management for a sustainable agribusiness activity.
There will be close collaboration between all the stake holders for a proper implementation and management of the project. . After completion of the action, it will be expected that the beneficiaries will be autonomous in the production of mushroom fruiting bags and will be able to satisfy the market demand. Regular visits will be conducted by officers of AREU for monitoring and evaluation
In addition to poverty alleviation, this project is in line with the government policy concerning food security.
The members will be helping each other in every process of the training facilities received after the completion of the Project s

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