Emily Martins – Namibia

Date: November 23, 2015
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Entrepreneurship training helps to restore self confidence

Emily Martins was originally from Windhoek and now lives in Walvis Bay. She had ten children but only three have survived. She runs a shop that sells products like doughnuts, airtime, cookies, and drinks. She was trained in embroidery and she wishes to open an embroidery factory. She was introduced to Gender Links by the social worker at the hospital who invited her to attend a workshop.

Emily said that initially she did not have a business before she started the training. She says the training has improved her self-confidence. She has started a stokvel. She saved N$5000.00 and went to buy long lasting stock. She had an arrangement with a supplier to buy products on credit which she sells and pays back the money. Gender Links has really helped her to start this business and she is very grateful.

Emily keeps a book to record her income and expenses. It is a cashbook and she learnt how to do this at the workshop. She has learnt budgeting, and planning from attending the entrepreneurship course.

She learnt the hard way when she used to give people credit and they could not pay her back. She now only deals in straight cash. She says that she has managed to organise with other women and they network and share ideas. She adds that she is now convinced that men and women are equal and should be treated the same. She is also reaching out to the community to talk about gender based violence (GBV). She encourages other women to stand up and do something for themselves. She knows that other women do not want to come out and share their experiences. She also says that she is always on the lookout for commodities that are on special to improve the value for money (VFM) that she offers.

She recommends that women in this programme should be trained in counselling. Her future plan is to become a successful business woman and employ others.

She is convinced that financial assistance will go a long way to improve women`s lives. She says that women in abusive relationship should come to this very informative training because it helps to restore self-confidence. She asserts that she is no longer angry and is more relaxed and proactive in her work.


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