Swaziland – Noxolo Ngcobo

Date: July 5, 2018
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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

I am quite passionate about education, and in some instance I helped 10 underprivileged children by paying their school fees. I used the money I made from my small Cake business and donations to put those children in school. I do not only pay school fees for them, I also buy school uniforms for them.

My name is Noxolo Ngcobo and I hail from Lavumisa. I first started helping underprivileged children when I was in grade five at the age of 12, after observing that my fellow schoolmates were being expelled from school due to the shortage of funds. I was touched by the alarming number of pupils who dropped out of school and opted to have sexual relationships with older men to make ends meet. I then started an initiative with the help of my two other friends to raise funds for school fees and to buy school uniforms. We requested for donations from companies and individuals which we also used to buy full school uniforms for the needy children.

My personal objective are to help underprivileged children with education, safety and health because I am looking forward to my long term goal of building an orphanage in Lavumisa. The building of an orphanage is underway because the authorities have promised me land where I can do the project but they have not given it to me yet.

My key activities include fundraising for the school fees and uniforms, providing the children with food, teaching them about Christianity and youth discussions. This also helps children to be encouraged about going to school and attaining their education. Youth programmes also help take young people off streets and give them purpose in life.

This initiative has changed me a lot because it has taught me how to love others and care for their needs. It has taught me that life is not just about me being happy and getting what I want, therefore, this has made realize that it is important for other people to receive any kind of help they need and helping them makes me happy.

Championing gender equality has changed the perception amongst my family members and friends. They now realize that this is a real project and they are always helpful. They always assist me when they have time, and by giving me money and other resources towards the project.