eSwatini: Nqobile Nkambule

Date: September 3, 2019
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Name Nqobile Valencia
Surname Nkambule
Country Swaziland
Give a short history of the leader This lady was born and raised in Mambane a remote rural area she is uneducated and she thought she was useless and can not bring any change to anyone. We started a training in Mambane on community development asked each lady to come out with their ideas on how best they can improve their lives, homes and their community she opened up and gave the best idea and needs that should be solved by them as a community using local resources and not entirely depending on outside help
Objectives Develop communities to better their lives and be disease free and take a stand to eliminate poverty educate empower women and girls to take ownership of their own projects and success
Key activities We train and empower communities to prevent diseases, develop their places, educate children, raise school fees and also start small income generating projects to help them sustain themselves
Key challenges Development is not easy as relief it needs commitment , a clear vision, taking ownership and planing for sustainability of projects started in the community and team building and working together to improve your community


Change at the individual level Champion gender has changed my way of thinking and doing things it helped to realize that when people are given the right information and knowledge they can make a difference in their families, communities and country at large
Evidence of change at the individual level Elliot Matsenjwa said he thought women were kids and also treated his wife like on their kids until he was taught on GBV and allowed the women to take lead and make decisions and advice he realized the she was more smart and productive than him in such a way that when he lost his job in 2002 after their company was liquidated he wife was able to work raise money to feed family and pay school feeds for their 4 children he realize that if she was not given the chance their kids would not have a chance
Change at the household level Wow my family has been peaceful and more understanding and sharing duties to allow every one to be involved equally
Evidence of change at the household level Our pastor thought cooking was for girls and women only but now he cook with his sons too the girls go work in the gardedn
Change at institutional level Khetsiwe Ndzimandze a volunteer in our organization now share duties equally with her family they are fully involved and care about each other
Evidence of change at institutional level Khetsiwe Ndzimandze a volunteer in our organization now share duties equally with her family they are fully involved and care about each other
Change at a policy level In our organization driving lessons were preferred for males women were the last option but now that changed the chances are equal
Evidence of change at a policy level Men now respect females and they believe in them as decision makers and good leaders
Capacity building We trained community trainers who in turn trained family trainers to train and educate their family members and communities
Lessons learned and shared They lessons learned was that knowledge is a life time investment and development is a process but better than relief which is short term, and also that communities know their needs best and also how to solve them
Next Steps Future plans is to see healthy well developed, educated communities who have eventually risen out of poverty