‘’Every human being has the same rights and we must ensure that these rights are treated with equality and respect’’

‘’Every human being has the same rights and we must ensure that these rights are treated with equality and respect’’

Date: October 7, 2019
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As Edley speaks we can already feel that this 56 years old man is speaking with experience. Edley has been working in various professional fields, one of which is the tourism industry. Whilst working in the tourism industry in the north of the island, Edley developed the essence of social work and the decided that something should be done to combat the scourge present in the society and to fight injustice outside the cosy world of hospitality.

Since then, Edley has been following diverse workshops in line with social work and economic development. In the 90s, he worked for an NGO to alleviate poverty in Mauritius to alleviate homelessness. He was then appointed as a consultant for a social project. Years went on till 2006, Edley together with some colleagues created Safire, an NGO that aims to help street children in of the Republic of Mauritius by providing services such as Assistance, Training, Integration and Rehabilitation. Now he is the Manager of Safire and always looks for new opportunities and strategies to be able to provide assistance to street children. They are currently working to build a Break Away Home.

Ever since he recalls, Edley has been following the social path of Gender Links Mauritius and all the work which is still being done. He expresses his gratitude to Mrs. Loga Virahsawmy, who really inspire him in the work he is doing. Edley relates that Gender is highly important in every aspect of the activities done in Safire and they always ensure that there is gender balance and all people, without any prejudice as we are first dealing with Human.

Besides social work, Edley is very active in sports and comments about all the benefits that exercises can do to one’s health. ‘’We should stay in good health to be able to perform in the work we do’’. By this motto, Edley goes for a 30km bike cycling everyday and tells about how much motivation this brings to him to start the day.

The latter is also very conscious of the importance of promoting renewable energy and sustainable development for the wellbeing of the society and believes that there is much more he can bring to contribute to a sustainable Mauritius Island in line with the SDG 2030.