Francesca Ramdeal – Mauritius

Date: October 1, 2019
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‘I really appreciated how the meeting helped in widening my network’

I first met with Gender Links when I attended the entrepreneurship programme and I remember well the first day I went on the course. I was going through a major depression. My depression comes in sequels and that day I went to class empty-headed knowing clearly that I would not be able to assimilate anything. But as Anushka started to explain, I started to feel as though everything was beginning to feel right. It felt as if the clouds of doubt were starting to move away and allowing me to see clearly. I started to feel interested and I started paying more attention to what she was saying. I truly felt a wave of change coming my way. I was not totally ready to accept it, but it came nonetheless and I would have been the dumbest person on earth had I renounced that wave of change.

My main area of business is supplying decoration and accessories. I make decorative objects with rattan such as chandeliers, vases, bags and picture frames. I have added new products to my portfolio with clothes for babies and toddlers. I am a chef by profession and I used to work in a hotel as a sous-chef. This is however not sustainable as the job is offered on a contract basis for two to three months.

I really appreciated how the meeting helped to widen my network. The way other people do business was of great interest to me. I am usually by nature very impatient. I start doing something but give it up easily and jump to another thing. However, after all the interaction with others I realised that I can do better. I have the capacity to do better. As for my kids, they have always known me as a strong woman and they know that they have nothing to fear when I am around. I am a woman of character. I have a lot of tolerance but I can also say no firmly. I gained maturity from the training and I emerged as a grown up.

In the past I have been able to help some women with their problems. I guided them to places where they could get help and they succeeded. Since then, whenever someone has faced an issue with domestic violence in the area, they come to see me at my house. It is as though they have a focal person with whom they can share their problems. They know that they can trust me to help them find solace in their difficult times.

The one problem that bothers me is my illness, because it makes me lose interest in everything I do. However, the training has provided me with important knowledge on how to tackle this issue. I have learned to set my priorities and act accordingly. I want to start a catering space where I can take orders and provide food for a big audience. In addition to that I want to keep on with my decoration business because I believe that it is unique, not many people do this type of thing. I want to contribute to the “Made in Moris” platform.

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