Gadifele Tlouetsile – Botswana

Gadifele Tlouetsile – Botswana

Date: November 23, 2015
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Not everyone is meant to be in your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life

When I first met Gender Links (GL) in 2013 I was in an abusive relationship such that I did not have any clue as to how to break away from the chains of my abusive partner. He used to beat me up and emotionally abuse me and nonetheless I was stuck in the relationship. However, attending GL workshops has empowered me and made me aware of gender based violence (GBV). I liked the way they supported us and it helped me to impart the knowledge that I have gained to my friends, family and neighbours. I live on a residential plot where there are many tenants and one of the couples was always fighting, but with the knowledge I gained during the workshops I managed to arbitrate for them. The couple is now happy and wishes to visit GL.

Furthermore I have attended all the entrepreneurship training workshops and learnt how to use a computer. The only challenge we faced was that some of us were slow learners, but we were never given enough time to grasp the concept due to limited time. I am now an entrepreneur selling clothes in and around the town and currently looking for a space from which to operate my business. The other challenge that we have as small entrepreneurs is that the office rent is very high and we cannot afford it. Despite all this I really appreciate the fact that GL has taught us about entrepreneurship to bridge the gap that we had in terms of running our businesses. My business is doing well because of the knowledge I gained from GL workshops.

GL has also helped a lot in terms of personal growth and the business. I used to be a very shy and reserved person who never interacted with others, but today I interact with everyone and I am confident enough to share my problems. My partner also supported me with funds to start up my business when he realised my potential and my commitment. In addition, the support I received from my parent and my friends, especially Teko and Thato, has really motivated me to accomplish my goal. I appreciate their support and the fact that they are happy for me. People from my community also recognise the transformation I have been through and some even consult me when they have problems.

I was impressed by the GL facilitator, Gomolemo, because she explained to us with patience and she used Setswana for us to understand better. I hope that GL will continue to help me whenever I need help from the office. My learning journey was so smooth and I wish to acquire more knowledge and business skills so that I can change more lives in the community. I extend my gratitude to GL for moulding me to become what I am now.




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