Kendy Mangra – Mauritius

Kendy Mangra – Mauritius

Date: June 16, 2015
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One day, I was in my office at The Mauritian when I got a call from Loga Virasawmy of Gender Links. The call changed the course of my career. She gave me words of encouragement on my articles. Since then, I have not stopped working in this direction to promote gender equality in my articles.

Through Gender Links, I have had the chance to meet professionals who have guided me, such as Marie-Annick Savripene and Jimmy Jean Louis. I am a freelance journalist at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation so I have the opportunity to be free in the type of reporting that I do.

My meeting with Gender Links opened my eyes to deal with more topics. It is thanks to them that I also had the opportunity to meet with journalists from other countries who are involved in the struggle for equality and justice.

Kendy Mangra is a freelance photographer, journalist and videographer based in Mauritius.


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