Lead by example

Date: June 29, 2015
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‘LEAD BY EXAMPLE ’. Leadership workshops groomed me to be one of the best leaders in this workshop .The community demanded for a women and they me .Initially l told them that l could not stand but the community kept giving me pressure and l submitted my curriculum vitae for being a ward councillor and won .In Council l lobbed for a chairperson seat and l won as a Agriculture and Environmental Management .In 2014 l accompanied the gender focal person to Masvingo and I told myself l can do it if Chinyemba can do it . After that l wrote about gender based violence and become a runner up. I have attended various training on gender organised by Council and Gender links. There a call for capacitating local women leaders l enter and became successful and this involve a three phased training about strategic issues and journal writing. This led me to be one of the women leaders to go to Kenya for another workshop again. Third phase was to travel to Sweden . I am proud to tell you that I gained confidence that I am a now a better leader. During all these tours I had a chance of networking and gaining of experience. Sometimes I was inspired by other leaders who have the potential to do the work like District Administrator Kamupila and Priscilla Maposa. Lack of confidence and time management were my strategic issues which sometimes disturbed me to come out with good results , so by networking with councillors I had an opportunity gain confidence and by the time we visited the municipalities in Sorsele time I grabbed it. As I am standing in front of you I am fearing as I used to do before all this experiences. So far I have got an international certificate for local democracy above all an award of excellence of good Leadership from ICLD and a Certificate from Gender Links Objective What is your personal mission statement? (150 words) To be an effective efficient and transparent leader that facilitate a sustainable development in the ward and Council so as to improve the quality of life of the community and mainstreaming gender in all these aspects that is through encouraging all women to take leadership positions all sectors and to encourage them to vote for other .Provision of educational facilities to the young generation around the ward, especially girl child to eliminate early marriages and unwanted pregnancies. Lobbing for a closer police post Introduce self-help projects to both young and old people such as horticultural, beekeeping, community gardens, poultry, fish farming and fishing and tree planting. Provision of housing stands .All these projects are done in line the national and Council policies.

Download : 20557_2015-leadershipapplication-charity-tambara-2015-final.doc

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