Leader with a heart

Date: June 3, 2015
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Gweru New Life Post Test Support Services (PTSS) is a good practice in that it responded to the urgent need of People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWA) who needed ongoing psychosocial support (PSS): Assist couples in the child bearing age to plan their pregnancy at the optimal time and to ensure reduced chances of Mother To Child Transmission (MTCT) of HIV. Support groups were formed in the process in the interest of bringing together PLWA in coming up with income generating projects (IGP) such as peanut butter making; burial assistance; care for each other; visit members when sick; take care of their membersâ € ™ orphans. New Life educated PLWA and treatment buddies on Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) drug compliance; ART Adherence; relevant nutrition. New Life also supported PLWA in prisons â € “ the convicted as well as those on remand this involved both male and female convicts. PLWA in the workplace were supported in the formation of support groups, coming up with nutrition gardens, herbal gardens and PSS. There was also collaborations with other AIDS Service Organisations (ASO) such as Midlands AIDS Service Organisation (MASO), AFRICAID, All about Love. PLWA and the affected benefited in the following areas: Improved knowledge of HIV and AIDS Positive living and Positive prevention Improved quality of Life of PLWA and people affected by HIV and AIDS Reduced HIV related morbidity and mortality through improved access to treatment and support. Reduced HIV stigma and discrimination. Normalisation of HIV as any other chronic disease Reduced HIV transmission and Re-infections. Group Information Sharing sessions with regards 8 standardised Sessions. Family planning Counselling

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