Lesotho: Macolese Setaka

Date: February 17, 2020
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Name Macolese
Surname Setaka
Country Lesotho
Give a short history of the leader I started in 2015,i became strong just after meeting with genderlinks I couldn’t face up the challenges that come my way
Objectives I want see everyone in my ed having electricity and water and violence should stop
Key activities a person should have good qualities in order to be a concelor and have a good heart and humble to the community,a person should be able to help other people in need
Key challenges women would be pushed away whenever there is an opportunity in the community, they would be denied an opportunity to make decisions


Change at the individual level my husband now respect my opinion and decisions I take, unlike before
Evidence of change at the individual level I am very brave now I can stand for my self and I have improved my self esteem mateboho setaka can comfirm all this
Change at the household level Mateboho Setaka can confirm that my family is very happy and at peace now than before
Evidence of change at the household level mabokang once talked about me on moaforika fm,she was talking about how iam being a good leader
Change at institutional level mabokang can confirm it as a likoting association chairperson
Evidence of change at institutional level mabokang can confirm it as a likoting association chairperson
Change at a policy level women now know their rights they know that they also have a say in every decision
Evidence of change at a policy level Mathato Hlotho is a village person she can confirms it
Capacity building by making the community summit and talk to people and try to show and enlighten them about gender equality
Lessons learned and shared I have leaned that being a councilor you have to be trustworthy and honest
Next Steps I would like to see clinics,water and electricity served well in my community