Lesotho: Malekula Masilo

Date: February 18, 2020
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Name Malekula
Surname Masilo
Country Lesotho
Give a short history of the leader If someone is a leader, many people in the community expect many things not even considering which ones are not under ones control. I am a leader of different kinds of people including their levels of education ,others were too judgmental and criticizing because of politics ,it was really challenging at the first time I became a councilor but continued as I know my goals. On the other hand it was an exciting moment to me.
Objectives I do have reasons why I joined local government, one of the reasons is that ,I would like to have influence to the government about things that my community needs,the changes such as men and women being able to practice gender equality and the improvements such as electricity,water and other improvements.I want to add more societies where they will specialized about gender equality and justice.
Key activities I did some improvements in my community,like road contraction in the villages,as a councilor,I have to do many thing like taking care of orphans,needy people, local government in general, especially in my community.
Key challenges There are still many challenges when it comes to gender equality,this is caused by the cultural norms.Other men and women do not understand.


Change at the individual level My life has changed a lot when it comes to gender equality,I have skills and knowledge that I share with my colleagues. LePhia is one of them who made a change apart from Gender Links.
Evidence of change at the individual level People from my community are always encouraging me to be a councilor even in other next terms,this is an example that I am a changed person. One of the person that can be asked,Malehlohonolo Mopeli work as a chief.
Change at the household level My two sons are now know about gender equality and they do understand it unlike before I became a leader.I am teaching them to change their behaviors.
Evidence of change at the household level t
Change at institutional level The person who can be the witness is Makhobone Motseki
Evidence of change at institutional level The person who can be the witness is Makhobone Motseki
Change at a policy level Our policies are improved, Girls are now considered. in home properties,girls and boys are the same and their parents properties are shared equally among them.
Evidence of change at a policy level Pitso Makhanya he is working at local government as a councilor.
Capacity building I had a lots of training with Gender Links about women in leadership,gender equality and justice,avoiding violence against women and children.
Lessons learned and shared Many men and women understand about equality,that women can be leaders as well and avoiding abuse.
Next Steps To continue to tell people about gender equality,to teach young girls that they can be future leaders,not only boys that can be leaders as it was said earlier.Teach the whole nation that men and women must be treated equally.