Lesotho – Maputsoane Leboea

Date: September 25, 2018
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“I am not a victim, but a conquer” 

Maputsoane enjoyed the singing from the first Gender Links event she attended because it was some form of therapy at the same time not what she was expecting. She thought workshops where similar to being a class room whereby a teacher teaches pupils just listen. It was for the first time in her life to be in group of women who are singing and sharing information comfortably among each other as if they already know each other. Never for a moment was she made to feel old by young and middle aged women. Maputsoane owns a bakery at home, in Mohale’s Hoek. She has been running this business for years. Apart from her business she does household work. 

What has changed in relation to Mrs Leboea has changed in a since that she is able to keep records her business. She never had these skills before instead she simply ran her business with proper skills in regard to managing a business. This has changed because now she understands the value of keeping records of her business in order to be able to tell if her business is growing or not. The positive change in her credit goes out to Gender links because it equipped her with the basic skill of record keeping. 

Due to age Mrs Leboea is not really good at remembering names hence she the difficulty in recalling the name of one particular gender officer who made her feel at home in her first encounter with gender links. That particular individual danced and sang with her closing the gap of a facilitator and participant. Even further closing the gap between old age and young women. 

Her relations with her children have improved for the better. They consult her on many issues especially those that are business orientated. Previous she would never have any conversation its topic or agenda being business. Now as much as her children are more educated than her, practice in business has installed so much knowledge that she passes on to her children. There is definite change at the community level. This positive change is recognized because she is always applauded by her fellow members of the community for tremendous work. Further some members consult her and also invite her to some activities as a motivational speaker. 

She creates new knowledge through research by learning how other businesses or companies which produce same product as hers at a bigger scale do business. The very same information she has gathered she presents it to gender links and asks for assistance by asking to be equipped with the skills and knowledge so as to will pave way for her to reach the level other companies are at or go beyond. Gender links office makes use of this knowledge by conducting its own research in order to improve information baseline, sensitize and disseminate it. 

The challenge she indicated she is facing is perceptions some members of society have developed about her. The “hear says” suggest she looks down on other people since her success to an extent that there have been rubbery occurring at her home. She overcomes this by ignoring what people have to say and always visiting the authorities to alert them of possible breaking in her house. 

In regard to future plans she wishes to widen the business in all the ten districts of Lesotho. Currently she is raising money towards buying herself a machine that mixes all the ingredients that make bread.