Lesotho: Tieang Sefali

Date: February 21, 2020
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Name Tieang
Surname Sefali
Country Lesotho
Give a short history of the leader I was working as a teacher in my community where I was providing evening literacy classes to herd boys that is when I started to know UNICEF,they encouraged me and tell me to keep it up in doing that wonderful job .I was only helping males and I met with ministry of gender in their workshops where they were teaching us not to be gender inequality.That was when I started to include female in that school especially young mothers who did not have an opportunity to reach certain levels of education.As time goes on,I was able to be a councilor at Ts’ana talana community council,where I interact with Gender Links.GL held the workshop in centre of excellence programme. I learned many lessons from participating in the COE process where I have being taught that women can also affect the lives of people in a positive way.
Objectives My objectives is to make sure that gender equality is known nationally,so that we can accept each other and improve our livelihoods and empower women.
To review the expected targets that were supposed to be achieved or reached by 2020
Key activities I am a chair person of a Former Councilors Organization in Lesotho where we are promoting human rights in our society.
Promoting gender equality in our community and empowering women leadership
I am also concerned about the climate change in my country where I teach young people how to reduce the factors that are affecting environment and the climate change.I provide the civic education
where we provide youth with knowledge of getting an opportunities for the development of their desirable traits of public and private character with my colleagues.
Key challenges I experienced challenges of people who are gender inequality the first time I was teaching them,but I continued to engage them until most of them understood. They always asking me to invite Gender Links ,they believe that they will understand better when they here these good news from the organization by itself.


Change at the individual level There was a little change after I met the UNICEF but Gender Links changed my whole life because they taught me many things,among them,they changed the way I was thinking and acting towards women.I now know how to train people who were involved in early marriages to start their own businesses.
Evidence of change at the individual level Tsatsi Mpone is one of people people who were motivated about the things I was telling them,She was even able to participate in one o the past summits.She said she is ready to be a leader.
Change at the household level There is a big change in my family,boys and girls grow knowing that they are equal,no one is better than the other.I also discuss family matters with my wife
Evidence of change at the household level Some people would say, “what kind of man is this one,he was given a love portion by his wife”,they are saying this because I do practice gender equality in my family and some of them still do not understand.
Change at institutional level Mrs Tanki is a president of Women Sewing Organization,she can testify
Evidence of change at institutional level Mrs Tanki is a president of Women Sewing Organization,she can testify
Change at a policy level Young mothers entrepreneurship and live skills
To practice family planning as to avoid poverty
Evidence of change at a policy level Many women in the community are using contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancy
Capacity building I attended climate change workshop
HIV/AIDS and good health workshop
Training in governance and many more and I did share all this with other people in my community
Lessons learned and shared I have learned that people are afraid to know their status of HIV/AIDS
while others dodge their check ups.
Next Steps To find the ways to teach other people about gender equality and ending violence in our country