Lesotho:Mampeoane Mokete

Date: June 19, 2019
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My name is Mampeoane Mokete from Qibing Council. I’m an aspiring businesswoman working on chicken layers. I started my business with 50 layers in August 2017 and had no idea how to this kind of project being what to feed and how much for good production, medications can be used if they get sick, but I pushed on as I wanted to see my business growing to top.

I didn’t know anything about Gender Links until was invited to the entrepreneurship training at Mafeteng Urban in 2018.My first and ever memory with GL was when we were asked to write down our development plans, I found that exercise very challenging as I was not sure if what I wanted to write would be what was expected from me, but I had a wonderful week of training and my life was never the same after that week.

Even though I started the business before GL training I didn’t have this kind of knowledge, I was not even sure what I was doing or even not sure if it will succeed, but through knowledge I gained from the training everything seemed way possible and doable. I was able to keep records of what was happening in the business; being money coming in and out. I also did not know how to advertise my business and how to attract customers, but through the training I was able to learn all those things. When I look back and recall where Iam coming from I became so emotional and proud of myself at the same time, I could not have done all these if it was not for GL training. My self-confidence is on top and I believe there is nothing impossible if only you put your mind on it.

After I was taught how to keep records iam now able to see how the business is doing and able to pay my salary, before the I didn’t keep records and would always take money and use for personal things whenever I needed to without recording it.I also learnt the importance of customer care as the more I care about my customers the more they come over and over and even bring new customers who didn’t know about my business.

My business has grown so much that I have 400 layers which produce between 10-12 trays of eggs per day which is amazing. I have even hired one person who is assisting me.Many people now know about my business and all thanks to GL.

Although the business is doing very well in terms of growth there are still some challenges which are people not paying on time when they are given credit also the diseases that attack my layers. But these challenges have never made me want to quit instead they give me more courage to move forward. I also visits internet shops several times to learn about news things on chicken layers and this has helped me a lot.

In future I want to see my business well known and be able to supply many shops and schools with eggs in Mafeteng, also I want to employ at least five women so that I can see their lives changed too.