Date: September 5, 2018
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“Women have a great role to play in the community”

She started to work with Gender Links in 2015. She has been interviewed and trained by Gender Links in the course of 2014, on Gender equality. After the training, she started  her business ,selling yoghourt and dairy products. She targeted mainly crowded markets, school snack stalls, market places, beaches, neighborhoods, mobile traders in the surrounding communities: Marovoay, Betsako, Mahajamba, Bongolava

She loves her job and she can provide work for  others too.

Even though her job is running well, she does not remain content with it, but still seeks to improve and prosper.

Thanks to trainings Gender Links or other officials conducted, she could earn her living; she managed to live independently, open a bank account,   save and increase her resources. She said, Gender Links has greatly contributed to the skills she acquired, in all respects. She has gained more confidence in having her own job, making her own decisions as well as being self reliant, making her way through her life.

During the implementation of her project she had to face some challenges like the lack of resources, money, since loans depend on such criteria.

 As for her personal life, she can solve problems alone; she does not borrow money from others any more. She is able to rescue or assist needy people. At home, their food diet has been improved a little, far from hardships they encountered at the start.

She is unmarried and has to fend for her children, but despite that, her children can live like the others who have their fathers. She is not a burden for the family; on the contrary she helps those in difficulty.