Date: September 5, 2018
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“Women have a great role to play in the community”

RAVELOJAONA Rita is the Head of the Social and Cultural Department of the Sabotsy Namehana Commune. The Number 3 National Road goes past this Commune. It is quite near Antananarivo , 30 minutes’ drive from the city centre. Sabotsy Namehana is among the Centres of Excellence that collaborate with Gender Links.

RAVELOJAONA Rita Vololona got acquainted with gender mainstreaming  through Gender Links training; it is only this year that she directly interacted with Gender Links,though the Local Council of Sabotsy Namehana started to work with Gender Links, in 2010.

The challenges: women’s enthusiasm, and some of the attitudes of men who do not value women yet, the stereotypes.

As well as the allocation of funds, as there are gender expenses in various financing options, there are many different sectors, so there is not enough funds  to be used in other investments, in other words better budgeting so that there could be a part allotted to gender mainstreaming.

Changes in personal life : she has become a woman leader, much more independent,  speaks freely, takes responsibility, expresses her ideas , stand against injustice, knows the law ,once one adheres to the SADC Protocol, it means there is the right of law to be applied among the members.

In her marital life there are not any more conflicts or domestic violence; child rearing has been impacted and become easier as well.

 Social changes can be seen in the increasing number of women who take responsibilities, and not few would like to act responsibly, join and adhere to the principle.