Magdeline Mathiba Madibela

Magdeline Mathiba Madibela

Date: June 16, 2015
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Gender Links has provided top-class technical support in all our endeavours to publicise and facilitate the discussion for the Gender protocol, and have worked tirelessly as an organisation to earn respect in this circle. Gender Links showed us that NGOs really have the power – through unity – to ensure the ratification of the Protocol, including popularising it by printing it in different languages for ease of distribution. It is refreshing to see an organisation such as Gender Links taking the lead in such important matter, spearheading the process and ensuring that the Protocol works. With the costing of the Protocol project we can see that Gender Links is on top of the game- ‘the time is now!’

Magdeline Mathiba Madibela, Head of SADC Gender Unit

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my mum works at SADC and she is a very smart and beutiful lady.



When Keiso told me about Sebagas comment on this article I was amazed. I really appreciate such kind words from my gal!! Thanks Gender Links for keeping our girls informed about gender and women’s empowerment!! They seem to appreciate it!! Bingo!!!

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