Makhosi Mosenene – Lesotho

Makhosi Mosenene – Lesotho

Date: May 29, 2012
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I was selected to stand in for the local government elections in my hometown of Quthing. At that time, most people did not like the idea of me standing for elections; especially people in different political parties. They thought I would not do as good a job as men would do, because they only associated politics with men.

If I had not encountered Gender Links, I don’t think I would have had the confidence, strength, and skills that I needed to run my campaign. I was part of the women in politics workshop. That workshop made me able to stand in front of people, and to know what to say to them. I learned a lot about becoming a leader.

I was not elected, but the skills I learned about leadership are something I will always take with me. Now, I am working with support groups in my community. I know that this makes a difference in the lives of people with HIV/AIDs. Mme Masenate Letsie is my role model because she likes community development, and encourages all women to make something out of lives, and not limit themselves to being house wives. I am planning of contesting again for the 3rd local government elections; I like challenges, and politics and development in my community are important to me, so I am willing to try again next time.



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Mantoa Mofokeng says:

Makhosi I am Mantoa Mofokeng nee Mosenene. My parents originated from Quthing and most of them still live there. I am fascinated by your confidence and courage to stand up in a male dominated sphere. I have many a times worked in male dominated platforms and was sometimes faced with much antagonism. I’m happy to realise that you have definitely taken the real roots of the Mosenene clan. Nna ke Mosia Motubatsi wa mmatsha thebe di ome.

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