Mamorobane Ngakane -Tsoelikana Council COE

Mamorobane Ngakane -Tsoelikana Council COE

Date: July 5, 2015
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I am a local government councilor from Qacha’s Nek. I have encountered Gender Links many times now; my first encounter was in 2011; they were training councillors about gender issues, and it was the first organization to give us training in detail about gender. At that time, people didn’t want to hear about gender; when it was introduced to us, people assumed it meant women were allowed to disrespect their husbands. But Gender Links, working with the Ministry of Gender, explained things very well, and many of us have now taken gender on board.

Since that time, I have continued involvement with Gender Links, including participating in the women in politics workshop that was held here in Tsoelikana Council. Since the training was all about how women can participate in politics, and also to encourage more women to participate in politics, the workshop influenced me a lot as I applied all the tactics that were taught when I was running my campaigns. This helped my community to see importance of representation of women in the government. I was very happy to be elected again as a councillor.

Since we have just started in our offices, I have been doing a few public gatherings about gender issues, especially the issues that affect most women and men or married persons. I have been also doing HIV/AIDS campaigns, as it still major problem in our community. I have been trying to encourage men also to join support groups.

My role models are Minister Ponts’o Sekatle of Local government and Minister Mathabiso Lepono of Gender. I am saying this because these people are women. I have seen them doing a very good job indeed in government as well as in this political sector.

I do really think I am making a difference in people’s lives, as I have seen a lot of people coming to me asking for advice or counseling, especially on family matters. This made me see that people regard me as a very important person in the community. This is in addition to the important for the fact that they elected me once gain as their councilor.

I have been home base care worker for some time now and I still do my best in supporting people living with HIV/AIDS and their affected families, so my future plan is to help our government to achieve this goal of “zero new infections” in 2015. We are already encouraging women and men to test regularly, with a special emphasis on pregnant women.

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