Mamosotho Mosotho -Qomo Qomong Council COE

Mamosotho Mosotho -Qomo Qomong Council COE

Date: May 29, 2012
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I am from the village of Quthing, and my first interaction with Gender Links was when they held the women in politics workshop at the Qomo-Qomong Council. The knowledge I gained from the workshop helped me a lot. I was able to plan my campaign well, and knew just what to say to people. Campaigning was still very difficult; sometimes people wouldn’t turn up at our public gatherings because we had different political affiliations. This was a big challenge for us, because we wanted to have the chance to present ourselves, rather than be judged by our political colours.

I wasn’t elected into office, but now I am helping another candidate who is going to stand in the national elections. I am campaigning for them, and giving support, especially at our rallies. I do everything I can to influence people to vote for that person. Someone who has influenced my work a lot is Ntate Tom Thabane, the party leader of the All Basotho Convention. He broke away from the Lesotho Congress for Democracy and formed his party in 2008, because he was complaining about the former ruling party; he felt they were misusing Basotho’s funds, and not preforming democratically. Breaking away was a brave initiative that made him look like a real leader; the kind of leader I aspire to be some day.

I think I am making a difference now in lives of others; even after I lost in the local government elections, my party asked me to increase my support for their rallies and other activities. Besides in party politics, I am so active in the community, and am elected to many different committees, and also active in my church. This has taught me that there is something very special about me.

I am a business woman, and I hope to extend the work I’m doing. My involvement in politics has now just begun; I plan to contest for the upcoming local elections again, and continue working to strengthen the community in every way I can.

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