Maria Rosa Jasmin – Mauritius

Date: November 30, 2015
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Winner of the entrepreneurship category for the National Summit: the prize was such a great gift, it was for my birthday.

“I want to help other women in need and make them realise that they are not alone and that all problems do have a solution”

As an existing entrepreneur Jasmin has set an example; she has proved to be a very courageous woman and is making her way in the entrepreneurship field. Jasmin explains that her most memorable experience with Gender Links (GL) was attending the Regional Summit 2015 in Botswana. This was Jasmin’s first ever trip to a foreign country and she has learnt a lot from the other participants at the Summit. Jasmin explains that the summit experience has helped her to grow in her business and in her personal development.

Jasmin is indeed a Driver of Change for she has overcome the bad experiences in her life with bravery and she is now a model for others to follow. Through her business she is now financially independent. She proposes ‘chef a domicile’ service which means that she cooks typical Mauritian food for tourists visiting Mauritius and she moves to different locations to provide this service. Jasmin is much praised for the delicious meals she prepares for the clients and they are always happy with her service.

Jasmin recalls the night of the summit awards at Gold Crest Hotel in Quatre Bornes where the names of the winners were to be announced. She did not know that she could be the winner. In fact, that night she had a fight with her husband before coming to the awards night. Her husband reproached her for always being absent from home to attend what he called ‘futile’ training. However, upon knowing that Jasmin won the award, he is now very proud of her and encourages her.

Being an entrepreneur, Jasmin has expanded both in her business and in her life with the knowledge that she has gained from the GL entrepreneurship workshop.

Since Jasmin’s business revolves around providing culinary services to tourists, she meets a lot of people and shares the Mauritian culture with them. The entrepreneurship course that GL provided for Maria has been a great help to her. She is now economically stable thanks to her business. Jasmin has been able to get over the bad experiences of in her life successfully and is now shining as an entrepreneur.

Jasmin explains that her journey with GL has been an enriching one with lots of sharing and learning. She believes that through her journey with GL and the entrepreneurship training she has had the boost she needed to succeed in her business. She explains that the project was there initially, but it was not a priority for her and now she values her business for it has become not only the source of income for her, but also a form of independence that she proudly displays.

Jasmin describes how the course changed her perception of herself. She used to be quiet and shy but now she has learnt to talk and act against rights violations in society. She adds that ‘the course has made me realise that dreams do come true’ and this is what she sees through her business. On a personal level, Jasmin is now a more confident woman who can face a large audience and share her experience with them.

Jasmin explains that the course she followed with GL not only helped her but her family as well. She has been able to pass on the message to the rest of her family to make them aware of their rights and about issues pertaining to gender equality.

In fact, Jasmin’s daughter also participated in the entrepreneurship course as she has also been a victim of gender based violence. Today both mother and daughter are doing wonders to influence other people and make them aware of such issues.

Jasmin is bringing positive change in her community as well, because she is an assistant secretary at the CARITAS organisation in Mauritius. She is helping other women victims of violence who are living in poor conditions. She is a field worker and counsels women in need. She advises them on what training they need to be able to resolve their problems and she also guides them on how to get help from the government.

Jasmin wants to grow her business and market more of the services that she provides as a ‘personal cook’. She wants to open a snack bar and the building is in fact under construction.


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