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Date: October 29, 2015
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I can face any challenge because there is nothing to fear

“After attending Gender Links (GL) training my life changed tremendously, even the level of abuse decreased.”

Having been a victim of abuse for years, her first encounter with Gender Links was therapeutic. The reason was that she met women who had travelled a similar path to hers. She found herself in a group of women were not just accommodating but were ready to harmonise with the world and she felt like a new person.

The courage to speak up and to use the authorities to protect her from abuse automatically makes her a driver of change, as she did what most people would not do. She felt in her heart that it was time that she changed her life and for the better, and having a support system of fellow women, Me Molapo is certain she can overcome any obstacle placed in her path.

The fact that she is unemployed means people regard her as a woman who does not do anything because they believe that only hired women are working, but Molapo does not agree with them as she believes that even though she is not hired she works very hard and can change her life. She gives all the credit to Gender Links as she mentioned that when she first attended GL entrepreneurship training she did not know anything about business as she did not want to do anything because she was so depressed and did not regard as herself as a person who could do anything.

After attending GL training, her life changed tremendously, not only did her life improve, but even the level of abuse decreased. The training made her realise the other part of her that she did not know that she had was forgiveness. She forgave her husband and she wanted to start all over again and it was not that difficult because even her husband was willing to change and work together with her.

Basically the whole idea of the training was to teach them how to draw up business plans and personal development. She highlighted that it was difficult but she believed that there was nothing too difficult, as long as a person puts all her energy in to it. After drawing up her business plan she had many ideas about what she wanted her business to be like and how she was going to take it there. Although these things seem to be very difficult when put in the plan, she was told that her business plan passed and she was expected to go to Maseru for the National Summit to showcase her work. The National Summit challenged her because there she met so many women who were in her position and she was able to share new ideas and she came back with lots of ideas.

When she came back she encouraged people to report cases of gender based violence (GBV) and the level of GBV decreased as she held many public gatherings teaching people about GBV. The reason behind this change was due to her ability to report cases of abuse to the authorities. Credit goes to Gender Links because it taught her to turn to the authorities whenever her rights are violated. She also mentioned that she could not have done this if it was not for the help of Mme Mathabo Ramollo, gender officer in the Leribe district, because she guided her and felt passionately about trying to convince her to report any abuse she encounters.

She highlighted that even her children were very supportive and it made her work very easy and she was able to overcome her challenges. They cannot stop talking about the change in her and they see a brave woman who can stand up for herself unlike before when she used to put up with abusive behaviour directed at her. She has definitely had an influence over her colleagues because ever since she reported her first case of abuse to the local authorities, the law protected her from the culprits as a result it was a wakeup call for numerous women in her village. Her response to unjust treatment taught them that the law is not just meant to protect men but the law is there to shield everyone.

She gains knowledge from her fellow village women and beyond that she learns from girls and women who have also been victims of abuse. Mme Masekhonyane wishes to run a poultry business one day, even though she has not yet figured out where or how she is going to get the resources to start her business.



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Masekhonyana Molapo Moshesh says:

Wow! Such a powerful woman. All I wanna say is that all the resources she nedmeds for her business are all inate- all she has to do is wake up. Most importantly pray about everything.

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