Mauritius: Djemillah Mourade Peerbux

Date: September 6, 2018
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Every moment is the guru

Djemillah Mourade Peerbux is working a full-time job as a journalist. She has more than ten years of experience in the aforementioned field. She is passionate in what she does and she does not contemplate sitting back and watching social evils happening right before her eyes. She believes in the power of doing what she can to address upsetting societal issues. 

She is responsible behind the Ripple Project –  a project aimed at collecting basic hygienic products including sanitary napkins and giving these to women living in shelters.  

She explains that it is not in the whims of a woman to decide when or not to have her menses. She also explains that it’s saddening to see homeless women using the same sanitary napkin for long hours, thereby augmenting the risks of infections. 

She argues that sanitary napkins, shampoo, and deodorant are not items of luxury but it surely does come with a cost for a woman who is homeless and who do not even have the money needed to buy food.  

Djemillah explains that her biggest motivation is her daughter. She wants her daughter to be acquainted with the concept of working for the welfare of the society from an early age.  

Activities include: creating awareness and reaching out to people who can contribute to the Ripple Project.  

Djemillah now sees herself as a more confident person. In regards to challenges, she explains that it is hard to find people who are dedicated, who can take time off their schedule to help in supporting a cause. 

 As an individual, Djemillah is ambitious and in the future, she intends to bring forward the concept of sustainable development in her project, by using banana fibres that happen to have similar cotton like properties to fabricate sanitary napkins.