Mauritius: Djemillah Peerbux

Date: June 18, 2019
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Name Djemillah Mourade
Surname Peerbux
Country Mauritius
Give a short history of the leader Aged 30 years old, I am the mother of a daughter. I live at Chebel, Beau Bassin and am the founder of The Ripple Project, The Strawz, Shame Them and Kazdepar. I believe that everybody is unique and can make an impact, if they want to.
Objectives “Education about menstruation changes everything.”
To eradicate Period Poverty in Mauritius and the Region ( Rodrigues, Madagascar)
To work towards gender equality and community empowerment
Key activities I collect through donations a number of products that are linked to menstrual hygiene.
I organise them in Hygiene Packs and distribute them to shelters,rehabilitation youth center and women living in extreme poverty through social workers.
The Ripple Project is a community based organisation but not an NGO.
This year, for Menstrual Hygiene Day, we launched the Period Ambassador Campaign. The campaign encouraged volunteers share a picture of them with a pad on social media and a short message on period taboo and period poverty.
Key challenges Period Poverty Is Still a Barrier to Global Gender Equality – Why?
Hinders education
Hinders Self Esteem
Gender equality gap expands
The pool of jobs open to them shrinks


Change at the individual level It is a personal achievement to see young people engaging in our campaign and mobilizing their peers. They are the change and they will be the movement required to shatter the glass ceiling of menstrual taboos.
Evidence of change at the individual level N/A
Change at the household level N/A
Evidence of change at the household level N/A
Change at institutional level A/N
Evidence of change at institutional level A/N
Change at a policy level Not yet achieved – But aspire to start a ‘revolution’ of free Sanitary Pads in schools, hospitals,dispensaries and universities.
Evidence of change at a policy level N/A
Capacity building N/A
Lessons learned and shared N/A
Next Steps Future plans :
Donation Boxes in drop-off points
First Period Kit for Teenagers
Free Sanitary Pad Dispenser on UOM Campus and Schools
Locally sourced and manufactured sanitary pad made with natural fibers