Mauritius: Isabelle David Phillippe

Date: June 18, 2019
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Name Isabelle David
Surname Philippe
Country Mauritius
Give a short history of the leader I left my teaching position where i had an establish structure,to pass as educator in an NGO and now
Director of my own social enterprise Non Profit Company always in the same perspective to protect and
assert the rights of the child and the development of the community.
Objectives To reduce social issues such as:
• Substance Use among Childrens
• all types of Violence
• To promote and enforce Childrens Rights and Responsabilities
Key activities In 2015, gathered more than 600 children in the streets of Black River to show that they exist and that their rights must be respected on International Children’s Day
(The minister of Gender Equality was present on that occasion.)
Key challenges N/A


Change at the individual level Each person who have been trained is able to this day are putting themselves forward.
Evidence of change at the individual level A/N
Change at the household level A/N
Evidence of change at the household level A/N
Change at institutional level N/A
Evidence of change at institutional level N/A
Change at a policy level • Advocate for Children’s Rights:
State Obligation to protect children from illicit use of narcotic and psychotropic drugs both legal and illegal
(Article 33 in the Convention For Children’s Rights)• Right to be protected against any kind of abuse

• Children’s right to freedom of expression

• Children’s Right to a standard living adequate
(Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Moral and Social Development)

Evidence of change at a policy level N/A
Capacity building 1) Set up of more than 10 children’s and parent’s club across the Mauritius
2) Coordinated an event called, Colour for Change: Make color a vector of sharing, emotions and solidarity to
protect, enhance and beautify the neighborhoods of Mauritius.
(“Color for Change”, initiated by the firm Sofap)
3) Coordination,Realization and production of a CD and video clip DRWA ZANFAN MORISIEN as part of
the International Day of the Rights of the Child by national artist Laura Beg, who gathered 300
children and the participation of the Minister of Gender Equality.
Lessons learned and shared N/A
Next Steps 1) Still advocate to have the children’s bill passed.
2) Advocate on gender-related issues.
3) Continue to professionalize myself even more.
4) And, continue learning and growing!