Mauritius: Jane Iram-Lapipe

Date: September 19, 2018
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It’s not how much we give, but how much we put into giving̎ says Mother Teresa.

My first encounter with Gender links was quite unexpected as I did not expect to stay six weeks of my first year holidays at the office. I was really excited on the eve on my internship, very happy to acquire and put into practice what I learnt during my course as I am currently a third year student doing a Bsc in Sociology (Specialisation:Gender Studies). Through gender links I have been exposed to the harsh reality our society is currently facing such as gender based violence.

On my first day of my internship Ghirish Abdhoosee who was the Assistant Programme Officer at that time showed me how to read and made a critical analysis of newspaper articles. This has completely changed my way of reading newspaper, he also taught me how to upload some surveys and while doing this work I have learnt about the mentality and way of thinking of people in Mauritius. Mrs Loga Virahsawmy who was the former director of Gender Links at that time sent me to take I Stories of GBV (Gender Based Violence) and this has helped me a lot as I was exposed to the reality faced by our country. I also have the opportunity in helping during a workshop organised by Gender Links

GL has given me the opportunity in improving myself in my writing skills and also to grow up. I have learned through Gender Links that if you really want to get something you need to grab the opportunity whenever it is being presented to you. I realise also how much it is important to plan everything in life so that you are not late in submitting all your assignments. This helped me a lot in my student life as now I really understand the importance of time.

As much as I can I try to raise awareness among my friends at university and also at home while reading an article in the newspaper my little brother always asked different questions that I am grateful to answer as I learnt about this  issues during my internship. What is fantastic is that my little brother has also developed immense concern about domestic violence issues and he has helped me a lot in doing surveys in my locality so as to know more about the mentality of people.

Think it is important for the young generation to stand up on their feet and do what other great people do such as Mother Teresa. I always try to put into practice her taught principle about: – ̎It is not how much we give, but how much we put into giving. ̎

This year Mrs AnushkaVirahsawmy has given me the opportunity of taking testimonies of GBV survivors and the challenge that I faced was that I need to search for most of ladies for the batch of Riviere du Rempart and then go on the field all alone but this was a very good experience as I learnt to be more independent. For the moment all I want is to succeed in my exams and for sure I will continue to help people in my community as this is the kind of job that I want to do latter. I will always be grateful to my mentors Mrs Loga Virahsawmy Board member of Gender Links and Mrs Anushka Virahsawmy for always giving me the opportunity of improving and learning.