MAURITIUS: Kistamah Soonita

Date: September 6, 2018
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“Give women the means and they will make sure that the work is done” is the mantra of Soonita Kistamah

Kistamah has a long experience in Early Childhood Care and Education. She is the Director of a pre-primary school “Cubbies”. She has learnt the behaviour of parents through her small children.

According to Kistamah management of time is a big problem for women. With their multiple tasking it is difficult for them to get more involved in community work. “They must be given the means. Women can really do a lot if they get the support needed. The whole family structure must be looked into. Women are very often marginalised and hence cannot get proper training to be empowered and get other women. “

In her careers as a professional as well a political activist,  Kistamah has seen lots of violence on women and children but she did not really has the tools to deal with this societal problem.

Kistamah followed a three day workshop with Gender Links and learnt a lot on how to deal people, how to help the voiceless to have a voice. “But unfortunately we still need to change mindsets.” She regrets that she did not get the chance to follow more workshops from Gender Links. “There should have been more workshops. I am sure this would have given me the appropriate techniques to help others.”

At a question if GL has helped her in the work that she does. “In my work as the Director of the Early childhood school, I do not think so. But as a member of my political party definitely yes. I have learnt how women can help in the development of their political parties and the country.”

Kistamah would very much like to see herself in the skin of a Member of Parliament. “If I am offered a ticket as a candidate for the next general elections I will certainly not refuse. Being a Member of Parliament will give me a window of opportunities to help other member. Though me they will have a voice.”