Mauritius: Mary Coopan

Date: August 20, 2018
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One of my most memorable experiences with Gender Links was when I attended my first Gender Links workshop. I was asked to be the local government facilitator, and although it was a challenge, I was also very excited and had a huge sense of importance. I can even say that I felt empowered, when I was asked to teach and help people understand the local government domain.

I have learned a lot as a result of being involved with Gender Links, and have had the opportunity to learn new skills. For example, I had the chance of going to an IT course organised at Gender Links. I felt completely hopeless when I was in front of the screen, and did not even know how to use an excel sheet.

Apart from that, I must say that I have grown up in an open minded family, and have never been personally affected by gender based violence, or injustice, so when I learnt about the concept of gender, it made me more aware and alert to other people’s situations.

I have gained in consciousness on various subjects, such as the concept of gender and climate change. I now know much more about Mauritius, and feel closer to my country.

Since I have been involved with Gender Links, my family talks about me with pride and I know that my parents, husband and children are all very proud of me. I can now talk to my family and friends about various social issues and ensure that they sensitise their other relatives.

My training with Gender Links has given me the capacity to influence other people positively, and to promote awareness. During the sixteen days campaign, I actively helped by sharing postcards and flyers with the people in my locality.

I can now help people to face social problems. For example, in my zumba group, I often distribute flyers and talk to the girls and encourage them to change some of their views.

As we say, “once gender linked, always gender linked.” I shall continue sharing my learning experience with people, and continue spreading awareness. I am now MQA approved to undertake gender training, to kindergarten teachers, so I can say that I have already started sharing my knowledge with the people who surround me.