Mauritius: Tania Diolle

Date: June 21, 2019
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Name Tania
Surname Diolle
Country Mauritius
Give a short history of the leader Studied Political Science and MPA graduate from Sciences Po Paris.
Elected town councilor of the town of Quatre Bornes in 2012.
Joined a new political party, Mouvement Patriotique (center left ideology) in 2017
Strong gender equality activist within and outside the party
Candidate for the 2017 by-election, no.18
Member of the Bureau National (Think Tank of the Party).
Responsible of the NGO sector and porte parole for the party
Vice President of ‘Fams Patriots’ ( the women commission)
Initiator and Vice President of the Sustainable Development Commission
Initiator and President of the Commission de l’Interculturalité et le vivre ensemble.
Responsible of the Ecole Politique
Member of the Health Commission and work on the drug policy of the party
Responsible for the No.18 regional
Objectives Objectives:
Commitment to Gender Equality;
-Advocate of a quota for women’s representation in Parliament and decision making.
-Vocal about the tendency to confuse women’s candidacy and women’s representation in parliament and decision making in the public sphere.
-Advocate for a more comprehensive and efficient system of protection order and support for victims of domestic violence.
-Advocate of young women’s empowerment through reproductive health information and facilities.
-Support sensitization of members of the party for them to be aware and conscious of the LGBT rights and the related policy implications of these rights
Key activities As a politician:
Work on parliamentary questions, motions and debates on law such as electoral reform, domestic violence, immigration bill, declaration of assets.
Advocate for policy changes through radio programs
Advocate and pressurize govt on social, economic and political issues through press conferences.
Sensitize people and organize political rallies and campaignsAs lecturer:
Electoral observer
Electoral expert
Lecturer in Political Science
Academic researchAs activist:
Supportive drug policies
Land Court
Citizen’s engagement at grass root level
Political school at grass root level
Key challenges N/A


Change at the individual level Set up and running of the first policy advocacy courses for the NGO sector at the University of Mauritius
Ambassador clean up Mauritius ( 2018 and 2019)
Set up of the first Sustainable Development commission in a political party
Set up of the first Interculturality Commission in a political party
Participated in the environment initiatives of ‘Projet de Societe’
Set up of political school for the mentoring of the young members of MP
Set up of the regional of no.18
Evidence of change at the individual level N/A
Change at the household level Programs for women empowerment and engagement in politics.
Supported programs to help people suffering from addiction to be aware of the ways they can be in better health.
Programs for children and contribute to facilitate their access to education.
Set up of a permanent clean up in Quatre Bornes in B.Sejour.
Evidence of change at the household level N/A
Change at institutional level N/A
Evidence of change at institutional level N/A
Change at a policy level Reports for the African Union on electoral processeses in several countries.
Press conferences where policy proposals are made.
Proposals made in Parliament through the party representatives.
Organisation, participation and moderation of debates on women and work, sustainable development, women’s congress and depenalisation of cannabis and elaboration of the Mouvement Patriotique’s policy proposals.
Monitor and scrutinize policy implementation at the level of ministries
Evidence of change at a policy level N/A
Capacity building Support other leaders’ initiatives
Surround myself with leaders
Train beginners
Empowerment and mentoring of young people in the party
Organizational and mobilization capacities
Delegation of task and creation of other leaders
Lessons learned and shared N/A
Next Steps Be a member of Parliament and push for policies recommended by my party such as the review of the electoral system for greater gender equality and a review of the protection order system to protect women from perpetrators of domestic violence
Support and act as a role model for other women who want to join politics
Increase awareness and sensitize further on policies which have to be implemented for change at grass root levels
Influence politics and politicians in Mauritius