Maybe Chinyonga – Zimbabwe

Maybe Chinyonga – Zimbabwe

Date: June 7, 2012
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Councillor Maybe Chinyonga from Tongogara is the youngest person in her council to have stood for elections. She spoke to Gender Links about how Councillor Nyoni encouraged her to stand as a councillor, and how she assisted her during the campaign. She has been a role model to her, leading by example. She says, “It is important for young women to see other women participate in local government so that they are encouraged…”

This is clearly the case in Tongogara RDC, which has equal representation of women and men councillors overall. It is the only council which has achieved parity in terms of women on its committees.

Many of the participants in a focus group discussion spoke about how women’s participation is improving, because they are getting more experience. The perception is that the more they participate, the more experienced and successful they become in their positions.

In Tongogara, the women spoke very highly about their Mayor who has been a councillor for ten years, saying that she is now experienced, and that they continue to vote for her because she can deliver. The men in Tongogara concurred with this view saying that some of the women councillors had served more than three terms because they work hard and done a lot for the community.


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