Msanda Ncube – Zimbabwe

Msanda Ncube – Zimbabwe

Date: November 18, 2015
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A jewellery maker who is determined to change lives

“I gained respect from my neighbours because I am working hard to better my life,” Msanda Ncube.

If the saying that life begins at 40 is anything to go by, Msanda Ncube can safely conclude that her prosperous life begins at 40. The beginning of her new life was ushered in by the entrepreneurship training that coincided with her 40th birthday. It was in August 2014 when she was referred to Gender Links (GL) by the local councillor Mwale. The local councillor had known Ncube for a long time and she was aware of how much she suffered at the hands of an abusive husband.

When Cllr Mwale found it fit for Ncube to participate in the entrepreneurship programme, she felt privileged and honoured to be offered such a once in a life time opportunity. She successfully completed the training and later applied what she learnt in her business and she realised that it made a great and positive difference.

“I have a burning passion for jewellery making and that is my area of expertise. Before I was trained, the business was failing to bring satisfactory returns. The situation changed the day I was given the relevant business skills. I also started another project doing printing and photocopying. Through application of the skills I acquired during the training both projects are doing well. I managed to open an account with the help of this programme. Due to the new development, I am now able to save profits and plan for the future,” according to Ncube.

Ncube’s close relatives are happy with the changes that took place in her life. Sharing the knowledge she acquired from GL has made her a respected person within the family circle. She taught her family members how to start their own businesses and empowered them to be able to provide for their families.

“I gained more respect from my neighbours because I am working hard to better my life. The community was impressed by the way I am taking care of my children without anyone’s help. I am able to dress them and send them to school without facing any challenges. In addition to being respected, I am also empowering young girls and women in my community with the knowledge of how to become independent. People are responding to my lessons and some have already started setting up income generating projects for themselves,” asserts Ncube.

Ntombizodwa Moyo who is Ncube’s neighbour said that she noticed the change that took place in her neighbour’s life. She said Ncube was a very poor person and she was failing to make it in life. “After she was trained by Gender Links I saw her setting up a small business. She started designing and selling beads and her life changed remarkably. She is also helping other women in our community to start income generating projects,” confirms Ntombizodwa Moyo.

The entrepreneurship training helped Ncube to be able to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. She can now communicate with her customers, something that will ensure the continuing existence of her business. Ncube is optimistic that her future is bright as she has plans to expand her business and start a construction project. She said the idea of starting a construction company occurred to her after GL taught her about gender equality.


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