Myself A LEADER.

Date: June 3, 2014
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I am a born feminist. In the family as far back as 1930, my grand-father sent his daughters to secondary schools. My parents are egalitarians and feminists. No wonder that we all found it normal that girls and boys have equal rights. I have never suffered from sexual discrimination in my early years. Just after my marriage, I became for a short span of time the President of the â € œLigue FÁƒ ©ministeâ €  of Mauritius. Then we went abroad. I have never felt inferior in front of men, but I respect them as they should respect me without any superiority complex. Our strong educational principles made us aware that each being is a creature of God and that no one can use discrimination to make others suffer. So as a leader, I have felt that I could empower people, irrespective of their grades and sex. I have not been discriminated against by the media. I could use most radios and newspapers to communicate with the citizens. So most were at ease during my MAYORSHIP.

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